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Who are we?

Why the name Hodge Podge?


The definition of hodge podge:


- a random assortment of things, miscellaneaous, mixed bag, mixture, variety, smorgasbord, odds and ends.   



Why the name Hodge Podge for an antique shop?  


We wanted the name of our antique store to be representative of a fun and friendly place to shop, yet, wanted a name that would be easily remembered and recognizable. Although the name is a bit unorthodox for an antique store, our motto at Hodge Podge is that we have a “little bit of everything,” and we wanted to offer a “little bit of something” that would appeal to anybody and everybody. 

The name kind of gave us a direction, as well, because not only do we offer French china, fine linen tablecloths, and lace curtains, but we also have rusty gates, primitive jelly cabinets, Goodyear signs, and civil war relics. The name “Hodge Podge” just seemed to fit.  

Hodge Podge is an antique store located in the heart of Monroe, Georgia. Hodge Podge is a unique place packed with beautiful antiques, hand-crafted treasures, and items such as vintage to modern decor. 

Our motto is “a little bit of something for everybody”.


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Hodge Podge offers:


- Gift  wrapping is available year round

- Gift certificates & Layaway available

- Customer “wish list” (we will call you when the item you are looking for comes in

- 24 hour customer in house approvals – we want you to love it!

- Delivery services available

- In house décor consultation and staging advice for selling your home.

- We will orchestrate long distance shopping


We hope to see you soon!

Located in downtown 

Monroe, Georgia.

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