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Why become a member of the Hodge Podge Family?

Hodge Podge, Art, Antiques, & Interiors, is a clean and secure environment that brings new marketing opportunities to both established and part time dealers.  Established dealers enjoy the benefit of an additional location without significant overhead costs, while part time dealers gain access to a full complement of retail services, as well as a comprehensive advertising and promotions strategy for reaching collectors and antiques buyers. 


Some of the benefits we offer are:


- Qualified, professional sales staff with experience in antiques, collectibles and design markets

- High level of customer service & dealer priority philosophies

- Creative and consistent advertising and marketing commitments with carefully targeted promotions at no additional    cost to dealers

- Five regionally advertised group sales per year

- Special event promotions for increased market exposure

- Generous front door customer parking & back door loading space

- No long term rental agreements

- Sales tax collections, documentation, and distribution

- Gift certificates & layaway plans

- Shipping & local delivery service available



Hodge Podge desires to be more than just an outstanding retail concept for selling antiques, furniture, and collectibles. We want to create an atmosphere that attracts many different customers and keeps them coming back time and time again, wanting more of what we have to offer. We strive for a professional, friendly and secure environment that will make a difference to you and everyone who walks through our doors. 


For more information please email us or call our store!




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