Dealer Feature: Booth TAS

Hello, friends! We're starting a new thing called "Dealer Feature" and we hope to feature one of our incredible dealers every month! It's so fun to get to know each other and to understand the person behind the booth. First up is Tom and Jan Sinkus of booth TAS. Check out their interview below!

Tell us a little bit about yourself! Tom is from Chicago - Jan is from Tennessee. We met on a blind date 47 years ago. We’ve been married 45 years! We like to go to the beach and we are always remodeling something. Tom is into stocks now and I sew. We love being together and since we retired, everyday seems like a holiday! We also love to enjoy our 3 kids and 7 grandchildren.


How did you get into this business and why do you have a passion for antiques/art/furniture/decor? We have collected things for 45 years! To keep getting new things we needed to sell some and here we are -- old things are usually real wood -- better made than things today plus someone loved them or they wouldn’t still be here. It means a lot to me when I serve food in an old dish -- who else served in it and how many folks enjoyed it?


What kinds of items do you sell in your booth? We have furniture, lamps, glass ware, churns, and tools. How would you describe your booth style? Regular antiques -- not so much of linens or jewelry -- house things. Tell us about one of your favorite finds (even if you didn’t sell it in your booth) and why it was so special to you. A watch makers bench -- all hand made with roll top where the man worked. The oak is warn down like a step. We found it in Maryland and wasn’t sure it would fit in the car. But after unloading and unloading we got it home! Just think -- first someone made it -- little drawers, slides, roll top -- and then someone worked there forever till the wood was smooth and warn while making and repairing watches and clocks!

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